Winter at Flume Gorge | New Hampshire

I've been dying to hike something big lately. I haven't made it up a real 4k footer in the Whites all winter, which is a shame because one of the best times to be in the Whites is when they're...white. And yet, time and weather, and life continue to get in the way. 

But I'm happy to spend even a few hours up there at a time, so Madeline and I took a quick trip to the Flume this weekend. This was actually my first time going to this rather touristy spot in the Whites and while I'm sure it's great in the Summer, my advice is to go in the Winter. (I'm not saying this ONLY because it's free in the off-season, but, don't mind one bit).

During the Winter most of what is *usually* a boardwalk through the gorge is taken down. But since everything is frozen you can pretty much just walk on top of where a river is. Guys. We out here walking on water. 

But also, LOOK AT THAT ICE. This is where I tell you for the 7,000th time in my life that pun is intended when I say, IT'S COOL. Full disclosure, I do not ice climb. Would I like to? Absolutely. Will it be easy? To me it just looks like all you have to do is slam a sharp thing into a wall of ice, so I'm sure I'll say "looks simple!" and then be 95% incapable of being able to pull my body weight more than a foot off the ground. Teach me.