A Film Dump or: Presence At Home

I really like shooting film (go analog baby!!!) though admittedly don’t reallllly know what I’m doing. That, and the fact that I had been struggling with a barely functioning 35 year old camera made it so for a long time I really didn’t do it much.

But! Reader, that is about to change! Big time! ! I finally pulled the trigger on something smaller and automatic (two, actually but the first one didn’t work. Thanks for nothin ebay scammer!). I feel like I can throw it in my bag wherever I go and so, here is my plan: document the one place I always completely ignore — home. So here’s my first roll, a bunch of shitty throw aways from time around Boston (mostly) and still, I love them. Life here is messy and filled with trash and still lovely and fun and that’s what I feel when I look at them.