1. Hey here’s a music-related thing I did complete with a being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time shot of Wes Miles jumping off a drum.

  2. 9.27.14 | Burlington, CT

    (Source: Flickr / sarahblairwilson)

  3. Looks like fall,

    9.28.14 | Winchester, CT

    (Source: Flickr / sarahblairwilson)

  4. This weekend I turned 24 and went for a walk.

    9.27.14 | Burlington, CT

    (Source: Flickr / sarahblairwilson)

  5. Ra Ra Riot 9.24.14

    The Sinclair | Cambridge, MA

    (Source: Flickr / sarahblairwilson)

  6. Got a new camera, snapped this cheeseburger.

  7. she-explores:

    The White Mountains by sarahblairwilson is this week’s Landmark feature on She-Explores.com. sarahblairwilson uses the White Mountains as her weekend escape from Boston and she captures the area with the mysterious luster it deserves. Read about her love of the area and see her beautiful photography: she-explores.com/white-mountains

    Photo by sarahblairwilson

    That’s me! Read about why the White Mountains are the best and the city is kind of not. And look around Gale’s site because it  makes landscape look as awesome as possible without physically being there.

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  8. spiritology said: beautiful ammonoosuc trail photos, was a nice flashback for me

    Thank you! Exactly what it does for me when I can’t be in the woods. Sounds like you need to make a trip back!

  9. Bahamas 9.13.14

    Great Scott | Allston, MA

  10. 9.20.14

    I went to the Cape for a minute this weekend.