1. I made a fall shepherd’s pie thing with winter squash and sweet potato and apple and wine and cinnamon and mushrooms and sage. It was good.


  2. whaleseatsquid replied to your photoset “Stereotypically fall things 10.18.14 | Bolton, MA”

    How is that place? I go hiking by there all the time.

    It was really nice. Only $6 for the wine tasting, and they also have beer and whiskey, and then you can buy bottles and food things and do a picnic there. Recommended! 

  3. Stereotypically fall things

    10.18.14 | Bolton, MA

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  4. Camping Snaps

    10.08.14 | Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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  5. Brush Stroke Landscapes

    10.06.14 | Cody, Wyoming

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  6. Regarding Ascending Four Bear Mountain

    Cody, Wyoming

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  7. 08.09.14 | Yellowstone National Park

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  8. Beartooth Pass, 10,947 feet 

    10.07.14 | Montana, Wyoming

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  9. I’m back after driving a total of 1600 miles and flying another 1700, and Wyoming is nothing but mountains and desert and sky and landscape and buffalo, but also I missed hanging with this girl because she’s a vegetarian who knows how to skin an elk and every time you ask how she did something she says “magic” instead of giving an actual answer and never complains about anything, and doesn’t that make everyone else seem less interesting? But if she’s going to continue living far away, at least it’s in a place like this.


  10. brianna-rose-603 said: Awesome shots of New Hampshire! :)

    Thanks so much!